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energy-saving system
The principle of
-What is the reverse osmosis
-What is a spiral reverse
osmosis membrane?
Impurities within
the water

-What substances need
to be removed?
-Dangers to the human body
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Ace Water Treatment Co., Ltd. (AWT) – Designing, manufacturing, and selling seawater desalination plant,
raw water desalination plants, drainage water treatment equipment, and water purifiers

AWT creates equipment that produces daily life water, such as seawater desalination plants that desalinate seawater using reverse osmosis membranes (RO membrane) and raw water desalination plants that desalinate water containing salinity, such as river water and well water, into potable water. We have been delivering them to regions and countries with droughts and water shortages. Our seawater desalination plants and raw water desalination plants can be operated at low cost because they do not use chemical dosing, and therefore have been highly appraised by many customers around the world considering ways of reducing their water bills. AWT also designs water purifiers for disaster incidents, which are effective for ensuring daily life water in areas hit by earthquakes or floods. We deploy our desalination technologies for desalinating seawater or raw water in various industries, and will continue to respond to global needs.