AWT has technology for thoroughly examining raw water quality, usage and the required volume of water,
which widely vary depending on each customer,and for producing water which all customers can be satisfied with.

Examples of customers’ orders
AWT has a wide variety of products to support the various needs for desalinating brackish water by combining standard type products, small type products, large type products, and dual type products and outdoor installation products.

  lage plant-type Easy to operate-type All-in-one-type  

AWT has prepared an inquiry sheet so that we can
understand the various needs of each customer.
The sheet is the first step in our communication
procedure, which is vital for realizing the optimum


First of all, please let us know the raw water quality, usage, and the required water volume.

The quality of the raw water Well water, river water, estuary water,
industrial water, hard water, etc.

Please let us know the raw water quality which you wish to desalinate.

usage Potable water, daily life water,
industrial water, purified water/soft water, etc.

Please let us know of the uses for the produced water.
Potable water, daily life water, industrial water, purified water, soft water.

Required water volume
The water volume used in a day

Please let us know a rough estimate
for the water volume to be used in a day.

Based on your replies to these three questions,
AWT will make a proposal and design the optimum
specification for each specific customer.

AWT will analyze the raw water quality, usage, and required water volume, and then make a proposal on the recommended optimum specification design by matching the analysis data with our past experiences and our design database.

How to read model names


A design where toxic substances
can be removed up to 99%
Strong at removing cryptosporidium bacteria and
legionella bacteria

Capable of removing Escherichia coli
O157 and giardia bacteria

Although the major purpose is to remove the salinity from brackish water and to produce high-quality drinking water, the equipment can also remove 100% of the destructive bacteria that would not get eliminated even when disinfected by chlorine such as cryptosporidium bacteria and giardia bacteria.

Removing toxic substances such as
fluorine and arsenic

Heavy metal is difficult to remove through conventional procedures. AWT's reverse osmosis desalination systems are strong in removing such heavy metal substances, and are capable of removing toxic heavy metals such as fluorine and arsenic by 90-99%.


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dual type

Two systems can be operated
separately in a single unit.
A unit equipped with a spare system
that can be used for emergencies

Operation ensured even
during maintenance inspection

When using a single unit, equipment needs to be stopped during maintenance work or when parts are being replaced. By having 2 different systems within a single unit, maintenance inspections can be implemented without having to stop the entire desalination process.

Complete removal of toxic substances
Cryptosporidium bacteria, legionella bacteria, and even viruses can be removed completely. Additionally, heavy metals such as fluorine and arsenic can also be removed completely to produce pure and high-quality drinking water.


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Plant characterized by
low running costs
The installation area is significantly reduced in comparison with the water purification plant area.

Desalination unit price
per 1 m³: 20 – 30 Yen

The plant has extremely low running costs, which significantly changes the basic concept of in-taking water from a river. The water is later filtered at the water purification plant. The above unit price is so low that you may wish to consider replacing the equipment at your facility.

* Designs for large type plant vary significantly based on the required water amount and the water quality. Please consult us individually.


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