Corporate Name   Ace Water Treatment Co., LTD.(AWT)
Date of Establishment   June 10, 1969
Capital   Authorized capital 164 million Yen
Paid-in capital 82 million Yen
Representative Director   Hiroshi Chinzaka
Head Office Address   (Tatsu Bldg.) 18-2 Ginza, 1-chome, Chuo-ku, 104-0061 Tokyo
Tel. 81-3-3564-5771 / FAX. 81-3-3564-5698 Toll-free number: 0120-32-2960
Kyushu Factory   (Kuboizumi Industrial Park) 1191-5 Kami-izumi, Kuboizumi-cho, Saga City, 849-0902 Saga Pref.
Tel. 81-952-98-0100 / FAX. 81-952-71-8484
Qualifications, etc.   Authorized by the minister for construction business (machineries and appliances installation business)
Major Banks   Mizuho Bank, Ginza Chuo Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Tokyo
Chuo Branch
The Sawayaka Shinkin Bank, Toranomon Branch
Memberships   Water Reuse Promotion Center, The Tokyo
Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Japan
Desalination Academy, Japan Seawater Academy,
Japan Water Works Association, National Private
Water System Association, Japan Management
Association, Tokyo Trading Center, Tokyo
Metropolitan Small Business Center Net Club
Business Purpose   Designing and manufacturing of general membrane application equipment
1. Seawater desalination equipment (4.0m³/day – 2,000m³/day)
2. Seawater desalination plant (1,000m³/day – 25,000m³/day)
3. Desalination facilities (removing salinity, removing heavy metal salt)
4. Membrane filtration equipment (UF membrane filtration, MF membrane filtration)
5. Rental business of the equipment listed above for emergency relief
6. Other general water processing facilities

June 1969   Company established in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (Capital: 1.5 million Yen)
July 1974   Head Office relocated to Chuo-ku, Tokyo (Capital: 10 million Yen)
February 1977   Expanded business into reverse osmosis membrane application business
January 1979   Head Office relocated to Ginza, Chuo-ku
November 1990   Participated in the Middle East Contribution Activity operated by
the Japanese government, dispatched engineers to the fields
November 1992   Increase in capital for expanding business(Capital: 42 million Yen)
April 1999   Increase in capital for acquiring land for industrial use (Capital: 82 million Yen)
January 2000   Number of reverse osmosis membrane applications equipment such as seawater desalination equipment delivered surpassed 700 units, accumulated amount of desalinated water reached 71,783m³/day
March 2002   One of the world's largest factories specialized in reverse osmosis membrane equipment completed. Maximum production capacity reached 10,000m³/day.
February 2004   Shipped a seawater desalination plant with a capacity of 5,200m³/day to the Middle East
November 2005   Shipped a seawater desalination plant with a capacity of 4,000m³/day to
Southeast Asia for drought management purpose
March 2009   Released new energy-saving seawater desalination equipment
March 2009   Delivered 286 water purifiers for disaster incidents to facilities under relief management of the Ministry of Justice
March 2009   Relocated Tokyo Head Office
March 2011   ISO9001:2008 Registraion
November 2015   Released new energy-svaing seawater desalination equipment
March 2017   ISO9001:2015 Registraion
June 2019   50th Anniversary since 1969

Head Office

Tel. +81-3-3564-5771 / FAX. +81-3-3564-5698
(Tatsu Bldg.) 18-2 Ginza, 1-chome, Chuo-ku,104-0061 Tokyo

Kyushu Factory

Tel. +81-952-98-0100 / FAX. +81-952-71-8484
(Kuboizumi Industrial Park) 1191-5 Kami-izumi,
Kuboizumi-cho, Saga City, 849-0902 Saga Pref.