From among the various know-how and databases we have been establishing over our history of more than 40 years, we will determine a suitable method for producing the “ideal water” required by the customer.
We promise to deliver the maximum effect as a group of professionals for desalination and water treatment systems.

Selecting from the water source, treatment method, and water volume


Surface seawater
Seawater well
Coastal deep water

Reverse osmosis
membrane method

(seawater desalination)
Seawater desalination plant

Potable water
Daily life water
Industrial water
>SO-FI-RX series
>SO-KQ-TR series
>SO-FDI-RX series
Well water
River water
Estuary water
Industrial water
Hard water

Reverse osmosis
membrane method

Brackish water
desalination plant

Potable water
Daily life water
Industrial water
Purified water/hard water
>WO-80P series
>WO-P (large) series
>WO-D series
Well water
River water
Lake water
Ultrafilter membrane method
Microfiltration membrane method
Cartridge filtration method
Multi-media sand filter method
Water purifiers

MF/UF membrane treatment equipment
Water purifier
Check filter
Multi-media sand filter
>MF/UF membrane equipments  

Selecting based on the usage purpose

Based on our rich performance data which we have been accumulating over many years, we can derive the optimum specifications/purpose regardless of the target, such as safe drinking water, daily life water, material water for beverages, and industrial water.


SO-KQ-TR series
SO-FI-RX series

SO-FDI-RX series
Criteria for
potable water
Water quality Safe drinking
Purified water
Non-treated - Treatment method RO treatment TYPE20 2ND RO treatment
19,300.0mg/l <200.0 Chloride 121.2mg/l 16.0mg/l 4.7mg/l
6.0mg/l <10.0 Organic substances, etc. 0.3mg/l <0.1mg/l <0.1mg/l
0.1mg/l <0.3 Total iron ion TRACE 0 0
0.2mg/l <0.05 Manganese TRACE 0 0
3,100.0mg/l - Sulfate ion 13.0mg/l <0.4mg/l 0.4mg/l
10,837.8mg/l <200.0 Sodium 70.2mg/l 4.8mg/l 2.7mg/l
400.0mg/l - Potassium 3.4mg/l <0.02mg/l 0.2mg/l
2.7mg/l - Silica 0.1mg/l <0.03mg/l 0.03mg/l
0.2mg/l <0.8 Fluorine TRACE - TRACE
440.0mg/l <300.0
as CaCO3
Calcium ion 1.8mg/l 18.5mg/l <0.1mg/l
1,310.0mg/l Magnesium ion 5.8mg/l <0.2mg/l 0.2mg/l
150.0mg/l - Bicarbonate 1.3mg/l 7.5mg/l 0.1mg/l
8..3 5.8-8.6 pH 7.1 7.0 6.2
35,541.0mg/l 500.0 or below Total dissolved solids 217.0mg/l 38.6mg/l 8.0mg/l
5,860ms/m - Electrical conductivity 40.5ms/m 7.0ms/m 1.5ms/m
500.0 100 or below General bacteria 0 0 0
Positive Negative Total coliforms Negative Negative Negative
4.0 2.0 or below Turbidity <1.0 0 0