AWT is convinced that the reason we are so highly praised by our customers is our acknowledgement that the job of producing water brings with it responsibility for our customers’ lives. We have therefore been establishing faithful one-on-one relationships with our customers based on our concept of placing customers first at all times during the course of manufacturing and marketing our products.

  What do our customers want? AWT believes that acknowledging such wishes in an adequate manner is the key to creating our designs. We first extract accurate information in advance, match them against the research made for past examples, and then make thorough analyses in a speedy manner – all to identify customers’ core wishes. We then begin working on the “design”.

AWT assigns a single engineer to each customer so that smooth communication is ensured between the customer and the company. An engineer fully knowledgeable of the entire process of manufacturing will provide total support to each customer.
AWT has more than 40 years experience in manufacturing. Our remarkable technology and know-how has been accumulated worldwide over many years and has enabled us to produce water under any kind of operating conditions.


  To realize 100% product safety, all of our products have the entire course of manufacturing up to completion consolidated in our Kyushu plant. This is the only plant in Japan specialized in desalination products. The plant has a great storage capacity and its smooth operation removes any concerns about stock shortages and helps to maintain product quality.  
Our competitors try to reduce the risk of holding too much stock. But we daringly challenge this risk. Our professional group can support any urgent orders. This approach is firmly based on our concept of placing the customer first.

To accelerate the speed of setting up units on-site and to enable stable operation of the products for a long period of time, all inspections (except site inspections) are executed in Japan. The reason for this is that we have the most reliable inspection environment in Japan with high quality facilities and highly-skilled professional staff.  


Our design concept is based on simplicity and enables high-quality inspections to be executed in Japan as well as speedy on-site setup and operational launch.  


The single engineer assigned to each customer will fully support the customer throughout the entire process from the initial discussions, through to the design, manufacture and inspection, until the delivery and operational launch of the product. The engineer will visit the actual site to establish a close relationship with the field staff, and to devote full attention to arranging the final operational environment.
Equipment size has been reduced to the extent that it can be contained in standard-sized containers. The products are established in a unit-structure which significantly reduces the work process at the site. This enables quick delivery of the products.

Who will be using this equipment under what kind of operating conditions? Have all the usage conditions assumed been fully satisfied…? We are constantly thinking of the final environment where the equipment will be operating, and then assemble all of our technologies and know-how to create a specific product. The “product strength” of our products is established upon core qualities highly valued in actual work fields.

By using a new structure where pressure recovery equipment for reusing drainage pressure is incorporated, our latest models enable us to reduce power consumption by 60% compared with conventional models with no energy-saving system incorporated.   In addition to its easy operational method, the equipment does not use chemical dosing and does not require any professional engineer for maintenance management. This brings about low running costs, and the RO membranes are long life products which can be used for longer than 5 years.   Due to the extremely simple structure of being established in unit-oriented design, our products are easy to set up and to maintain. Our equipment enables stable operational performance and has been highly valued by many of our customers.