Designing water is our core competence.
Superior operability enabling intuitive operations and our unit-oriented easy-to-carry container size all help to improve customer satisfaction.

  The process of manufacturing water treatment equipment at ATW starts from making thorough research to accurately identify a customer’s situation. We are convinced that making complete and thorough research on raw water quality and the required final water quality enables us to make proposals on water treatment equipment that satisfies our customers.
  The operating conditions in which water treatment equipment is used vary significantly between Japan and overseas. The designs for our equipment are user-friendly for people in the field, and structures that can be easily maintained and transported have all been created by considering the comfort of the end user. Our design philosophy, which takes into account post-launch operability, is what makes this possible.
  AWT is not just a group of engineers. We always work upon our policy of acknowledging desalination from an economical perspective, and of designing water at a satisfactory cost. We possess not only the know-how for producing water for commercial purposes, but also for governmental agencies. We are able to visualize infinite possibilities for water business for unlimited applications.