All of AWT’s employees acknowledge themselves as “a group of engineers” and

maintain the idea that “good quality equipment is the most superior salesperson”.

We are therefore constantly improving our sensitivity towards information, and are proactively

absorbing knowledge on the construction of machinery in other industries.

As a result, we have been able to additionally install new functions and to streamline our

equipment’s operational efficiency, and have been able to acquire technical capabilities and

experiences which outclass any other players in the industry.

In recent years, the global environment has faced unexpected changes,

such as large-scale natural disasters and climate abnormalities,

and we believe that the role expected of us has become even more significant.

With our superior technical capabilities,

we believe that our mission is to supply fresh water to anyone who suffers from a lack of water,

based on our policy of “making a social contribution to the world” as our highest priority.

We will continue providing “safe water” to all regions of the world.

Hiroshi Chinzaka