We have selected some of the questions we are often asked during
the course of our activities making proposals on the optimum seawater desalination systems for our customers,
together with the answers for your reference.

Q1 Can we drink water produced by a seawater desalination system?
Yes, of course you can drink the water. This drinking water is safe since it doesn’t contain any salt, bacteria, or viruses. You could say that the water quality is even better than tap water.

Q2 What are the merits of using a seawater desalination system?
By using a seawater desalination system, you will be able to obtain water in a stable manner even under drought conditions.
Additionally, in regions where water bills are expensive, water costs can be reduced.

Q3 How long is the reverse osmosis membrane durable for?
All reverse osmosis membranes need to be replaced in approx. 5 years. Since reverse osmosis membranes gradually deteriorate, it is best to replace 20% of them each year to maintain water quality rather than replacing all of them at once.

Q4 Isn’t it difficult to operate a seawater desalination system?
No, it isn’t. Anyone, even someone with no engineering skill can easily handle the system.