Producing complete germ-free drinking water from water sources such as rivers or pools
AWT has reached the conclusion that in order to popularize seawater desalination plants, it is mandatory to incorporate environment-friendly energy-saving systems into water treatment plants.

Power consumption per 1 m3 when
compared with conventional systems

By using a new energy recovery system which reuses drainage pressure,
we have been able to reduce power consumption by as much as 60% compared with conventional systems
with no energy-saving system incorporated.

  No energy-saving system installed Turbo charger installed
New energy recovery device
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Power consumption 50.8kWh 32.3kWh 18.7kWh
Motor 55.0kW 37.0kW 22.0kW
Feed volume 570.0m³/day 570.0m³/day 209.6m³/day
Total head 630m 400m 630m
Power consumption N/A N/A 1.5kWh
Motor N/A N/A 5.5kW
Feed volume N/A N/A 360.4m³/day
Total head N/A N/A 30m
Total power consumption 50.8kWh 32.3kWh 20.2kWh
Power consumption/m³ 6.10kW/m³ 3.88kW/m³ 2.43kW/m³
Energy saving rate when compared with equipment with no energy-saving system installed - 36.4% 60.2%
(For equipment with treatment capacity of 200 m³/d))

Flow chart with new energy recovery device