AWT’s desalination technology create new values across various fields
Our desalination technology has become vital for various business fields in Japan, such as producing large quantities of drinking water, desalinating seawater, manufacturing material water, and reusing factory waste water – we safe continue creating such new qualities and expanding unlimited possibilities.

Major purposes in Japan

Producing safe for large commercial facilities Deep seawater is treated with reverse osmosis, creating fresh water and concentrated seawater. Fresh water can be used as drinking water, whereas concentrated seawater is rich in minerals and can be used to produce table salt. This allows production costs to be reduced.

  Treating waste water from factories We have delivered equipment to factory sites in locations where it is not possible to secure stable water supplies, such as remote islands. By creating fresh water we contribute to the smooth progress of construction work.

Producing water for a hot spring spa facility At one facility, we delivered desalination equipment generating 1,000m3 of fresh water per day as an emergency drought measure. Despite first being used only as a temporary measure, the equipment was found to be so convenient that it was switched to permanent use.

  Producing safe for large commercial facilities AWT’s well water desalination equipment is working hard at a major tourist hotel in Nagasaki Pref. The equipment is working to produce all the water required in the hotel where a massive volume of water is used every day, enabling significant cost reductions.

Treating waste water from factories By filtering percolated water from garbage incineration plants with reverse osmosis membranes it is possible to reuse water for a variety of purposes. The concentrated water is dried out and then incinerated. As a result, nothing is discharged from the factory.
  Producing water for a hot spring spa facility Since the spa facility uses a massive volume of water in addition to the hot spring water, our equipment treats well water for water service uses within the spa facility.

Our seawater desalination plants are being fully used to relieve drought in Japan, too.
Drought countermeasures are implemented in Japan, too.
Many factories of private companies, power companies, and local offices of the Japanese government have transportable seawater desalination plants available for emergency drought relief.

actual achievement
Producing material water to be used in a brewery This brewery used to use well water for its material water, but the well became deformed due to a crustal movement made by an earthquake, and contained seawater.
AWT’s seawater desalination unit is used to treat this water.

  Producing water for use in cement at construction sites Construction works implemented in isolated islands often face the challenge of acquiring the water necessary for the works.
One of our seawater desalination plants is installed on a ship to produce water for use in cement while transporting construction materials.

construction site
Transportable equipment delivered for use in disasters This is a transportable seawater desalination plant that can be used in disaster relief. It can create safe water not only from seawater, but also from well water or river water. Piping can be easily installed by using its one-touch joints.